Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Another Kristin"

My life seems to be a series of unfortunate self inflicted events. This started at a young age. All of us have our war stories-- how we broke this bone or how we got this scar-- and the majority of them are awesome. But then there's me. No cool stories. You see this scar in my face? Yep. I got that when I was a three and I bit a power cord. And this one? I face planted into the pavement. No, definitely not falling from a skate board, but leap frog with a pole. And this broken bone? You think this looks bad? You should see the seven year old I landed on. Oh, and did I mention I was 18 and fell  out of a bunk bed. Yep, you see, I'm my own casualty of war.

My body isn't the only casualty, there are also cars. As in plural. More than one. Let's just say, if you ask my dad how many of his vehicles I destroyed, he doesn't give a real answer, it's more of a grunt and an eye roll. To my recollection the answer is car (wrecked twice), a truck, and a van. It got so bad my siblings wrote a song about me (to the tune of the Sweater Song) "If you want to destroy the Jetta..." 

Next there is cell phones, which I go through about one a year. But hey, I've lasted almost two years with this one and I'm so proud of myself (some accomplishment). 

Clothing, there are food stains on almost everything I own.

Thanksgiving turkey, I actually thought the turkey tasted even better after I spilt grape juice on it.,

The list goes on and on. 

A few years ago, my sister got a flat tire and her husband said "Oh great, you pulled another Kristin" 

Yes, my name has become a symbol for mindless mistakes. 

Running out of gas, falling and getting hurt, spilling, crashing, dropping. I am a representative of it all.

And yet-- 

I have been entrusted with two precious children. Two unsuspecting victims. Sometimes I wonder how am I going to get to make it to the last level, college. I have days filled with lots of pulled Kristins and I feel like I'm not going to make it.

As parents we  all make lots of mistakes but we are also our own worst critics. On the broad spectrum, we are making it and great news I'm already 3/18th done with the first one and she's still alive! The little one isn't too far behind and also still very alive! 

My diaper bag looks like a bomb went off in it-- But, I usually have everything I need. 

The kids almost always  have at least one clean outfit.

I almost always brush my daughter's hair, which it's quite the accomplishment  since  holding her  down is like grabbing a greased pig. Speaking of, if you haven't had to hold down a rolling baby with your forearm while you change a diaper with one hand, you haven't really lived.

I don't allow candy binges everyday, in fact both my kids love fruits and veggies. 

I've mastered loading  two kids in the car.

I've officially potty trained a human being, and bribing to go number two with a candy counts! 

We all have our struggles but at the end of the day, I have a smart, sweet and sassy, gorgeous little girl who doesn't quite get the concept of stranger danger. And a handsome, cuddly, beast of a baby who totally has me wrapped around his finger! We all pull Kristins--but remember there's always tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that, too. Oh, and if all else fails, that's where grandma comes in!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

They are too cute at this age

I decided I wanted to follow in the steps of my brilliant sister in law and save the funny things that Evelyn says. She says all kinds of crazy things and I don't want to forget it! We say that evelyn is trilingual because she speaks English Spanish and Evelyn

She has her own words

  "Pish" (pez and fish combined) whenever we are in the docs office she runs up to them and shouts ".pishes!!!"
"balala" (ball and pelota)
"Cuppy" she would show me her tummy and say "cuppy" it took me a while to figure it out but I think that's what she calls her belly button
Leedy (Lili) Lili is her best friend but for whatever reason all little kids are Leedy

She has 5 Food groups
Chicken-For whatever reason she thinks that cheese is called chicken and she loves cheese! Any time she sees cheese she yells "chicken!!" And comes running. Then we were trying to get her to smile for a picture and we told her "cheese" she was mad and said "no, no cheese" 
Cookies-cookies crackers chips granola bars
Candy-cereal and of course candy
Water/agua-anything that's to drink 
Yogurt that's just regular yogurt

We've been practicing the body parts with her. And I couldn't get her to point to her stomach. I said belly? tummy? Ok what's this called? She pulls up her shirt and shows me "is baby brudder, hi baby"

We've also been praying with her. She won't eat until we have prayed and everyone has to be present so we can pray. She'll ask for "racion" (spanish word for prayer is Oracion) she'll keep on asking until we stop then she'll fold her arms and close her eyes really tight. We pray in Spanish

 Us-padre celestial, gracias por daddy
Gracias por el Bebe
Y la comida
Y la Casa
Buela (abuela) Y gwangwa (grandma) Amen 

She's a fun kiddo. With her new baby brother I'm sure we will get some great new material and I'll keep sharing 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Halfway there!

It has been a few months since I have written a post in my blog but I locked my keys in my car so I took it as a sign to update you on the Moreno Family.

Today I'm exactly 1/2 of the way done with this pregnancy with the big day on Wednesday where we figure out if we are having a boy or girl. At first I wanted more a girl, but for the last few weeks I've been more thinking a boy. I really don't know if thats what it is but the nurse said mom's tuition is the most accurate gender predictor. Sergio on the other hand was really all about the boy until some of our friends had a "halvsey" baby girl like ours will be. Now he is like me and just wants to know what it is. He says he wants a boy to have the first boy in the Peters family plus he said he wants the first to be a boy to take care of his future little sister(s). But we will know if a few days. We went shopping the other day and we finally caved in and bought the baby something, which we haven't done since we have been waiting to see if we have a boy or girl. We saw the most adorable little stuffed animal a little alligator, which isn't the most gender neutral animal but I think if it is a girl that she will love it just because it's from her daddy.

18 weeks pregnant

Baby's First Toy

Other than getting ready for being parents we have been pretty busy with our business. At first the things were pretty slow but once the weather started warming up things have really been picking up. We actually have planned for this weekend two 5 de Mayo parties which will keep us busy but are definitely good for the business.
Hanging out with Sergio in the truck, he says that the boss gets all the easy job—eating frozen yogurt :) 

About a month ago we decided that since we have little space around the house that we are renting we should put in a garden.  I have only helped my mom with a garden, not the whole thing so this is all a big learning experience. We put in peas, carrots, radishes, onions and potatoes right now and have plans to put in tomatoes, jalapenos, cucumbers and watermelon in May. I figure it will be something to help this summer go faster in the anticipation of this baby even if it doesn't come up (The prophet says to plant a garden, he didn't say it had to come up!). Much to my surprise and delight everything has come up pretty well, except for the onions which look more like grass than onions but I really don't know why. We even harvested a few radishes this week. They are a bit small but the tops were getting eaten by bugs. :(  I don't like radishes but Sergio said they were excellent. I may have a a green thumb after all. 
Our Garden

Tried planting a money tree, its worth a shot!

First potato plant

Baby Radishes

Other than that I just have been busy with school and anxiously looking forward to the end of the semester. I have been in classes four semesters and I am ready for a break. I still have about 3 1/2 semesters until I graduate and I'm looking forward to being done! I feel like I have been in school forever (thats what happens when you completely change your major) But I really love what I am studying and I'm looking forward to being an ESL teacher someday.

I should probably end this appropriately with one of the blond things that I've done recently. The other day I was tidying up the bathroom and I put something under the sink and shut the cupboard. I heard a swishing sound and it sounded like a crack in the pipe or something and I had no idea what it was but I was definitely alarmed. I shouted for Sergio to come because the pipe was broken! He opens the cupboard and laughs at me. It was the hairspray and it was spraying as it was caught between the pipe and the thing I had just put under the sink. Yep, its a good thing he loves me. I'm such a crazy wife.  :)

From our trip to Utah during

Monday, September 17, 2012

The first few weeks

Many of you know of a few things about me (and if you don't know them about me, I assume you do and will see quickly through my experiences these are all attributes I posses)
1. I like to think I'm a very good multi-tasker, people always try and tell me I'm not-- I'm starting to believe them
2. I have a slight tendancy to be a bit disorganized
3. I procrastinate, but I always get it done in time, usually.
4. The phrase "I got it," usually means I don't got it.

My lovely husband is now the wonderful patient victim of my what my family calls "kristins"

Here are some of the things I learned so far:

I need to learn how to change a tire.
I popped a tire on my way to school the first day of school. Sergio asked me what happened and I said "I don't know." He says back to me "You don't know how you exploded a tire? no really how did you pop your tire? Really, I don't know. But I got a new tire

I learned that iPhones make horrible swimmers
I had decided it would be a good idea to do some laundry and wash the sheets, well what I failed to do was to take my phone out of the sheets before i washed them. Well I few minutes later I started searching for my phone. Really lets be honest here I spend a portion of everyday either looking for mine or Sergio's phone. Well, I couldn't find it. Sergio tried calling me and couldn't hear it. My stomach sunk. Yep, sure enough. Phone went swimming and didn't make it. Initially we tried to old set it in rice trick. Didn't work. Few days later got a new phone. So If I don't contact you its because I have no numbers.

Sergio doesn't like BBQ sauce
Sergio has been really good about me experimenting in the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking but I only know how to make the things that I grew up with. My sweet husband grew up with food completely different then me. He said before we got married "You can make whatever you want, just don't be offended if I put salsa on it." Every time I make something he smiles eats it and says, "Good job, my love." The only thing he said he didn't love was BBQ chicken pizza. I learned I have the sweetest husband ever. He cooks Mexican food when he wants and I get to enjoy that. Plus he's REALLY good at washing dishes. Thats why I let him have that privilege most of the time.

The more I learn the more that I love Sergio. I am so glad that Heavenly Father has given me such a sweet patient man that helps me learn how to go about doing this wife thing. I really am truly blessed and in the mean time I hope to entertain and amuse you all.